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Are You Looking for the Right Logbook Loan Lender

Posted on January 8, 2015 · Posted in Currency And Stock, Trading Loan And Mortage

Are you in need of logbook loan of late? Well, the logbook loans are a life-saver when you need considerable cash flow immediately. The sole requirement here is that you have to own a registered vehicle, free from financial obligations. The lender will take the registration certificate of the vehicle as he approves the loan but you would have this liberty to use your car when you are under the debt. Now, there is a series of logbook loan lenders today but not all can assure you desired satisfaction. Moreover, you must know that there are many scam logbook loan lenders online. Hence you must be careful about certain tips before you sign up with a one.

Search around

Don’t ever make the mistake of settling with the first logbook lender you come across online. Not all lenders will have similar terms and conditions and hence you must take a comparative study to find out the best for you.  You have to check their market reputation since a healthy industry impression assures the credibility quotient of a lender. The one you take to should be the most reputed of the lot, backed by long list of happy debtors.

Legitimate lender

The lender you take to should hold Consumer Credit License and registration with Office of Fair Trading to ensure a legit and safe processing.

Compare APRs

This is one of the most vital points when it comes to choosing the best logbook loan lender for you. You must know that lower is the lender’s demanded APR, lesser would be your loan repayment. Usually, the APR for logbook loans is around 400 percent but if you search well, you will find reputed lenders asking for no more than 200 % APR. When you land up with a lower APR, just make sure that there are no hidden charges.

Logbook calculation site

If you think studying the lenders individually is too taxing, take to leading logbook lender calculation site. The site holds a pool of legitimate and licensed logbook lenders under one roof and will take you to the most suitable lender according to your loan needs.