Financial Improvements After Retirement Are Possible

Posted on September 11, 2015 · Posted in Finance

There are a lot of opportunities to improve your retirement finance before you retire. You can increase your savings, reduce debt and choose an appropriate time to sign up for Social Security or other options of retirement benefits. But in case you have not managed to solve your financial issues and the time to retire has come, you still have a lot of options how to increase your income after actual leaving a job.

In case of any emergency you can always deal with best payday loans UK direct lenders only and get quick and professional monetary help. But this is not the only option for retirees. Learn the next recommendations how to improve your finance, when you have already retired.

Use Intended Distributions

Retires after the age of 70 ½ are required to start annual withdrawing from their retirement accounts and cover the tax bill of resulting income. Any missed distribution triggers a tax in 50 percent of the amount of money that must have been withdrawn.

Decrease Taxes

There are different types of savings that retirees have. Money is saved in retirement accounts, regular and investment accounts and all of them have different tax rate. The possibility to have money in these three accounts makes it real to minimize your taxes and choose better terms for making payments. Income tax is required to be paid on every distribution from retirement account. But in fact while you are still working you are prepaying taxes, so when you retire and start required minimum distribution, you don’t have to take out so much money.


When you retire you definitely don’t need the huge house you have been living with all you family. That is why downsizing is a good way to get extra amount of money in short period. However you need to make all necessary preparations and calculations to be sure you will have enough money to cover the process of moving to a new place, and still will have enough money to make the process worth it. Despite the difference in price that you will get, you will also spend less money on house maintenance. But it’s also important to think about the neighborhood and your friends to stay close to them to have somebody to communicate to.

Decrease Living Costs

Retirees have much free time, so you can use it to make your living expenses lower. You can make a comparison of all stores to find the best prices and propositions, use coupons and special discounts offered to retirees. Also if you decide to go traveling, you can use special offers, as you have absolute time flexibility.

Extra Source of Income

Having free time also let you think about part-time job or even having some small business. You can sell your hand-made, become a worker in community you like, such as tennis club, or make work around the house. Also you can check extra ways to increase income. Except you will get extra payment, you will be able to delay social payments making your benefits grow. The other possibility is to use your skills from your career to provide assistance and consult people when you have free time. In reality you can find quite many ways to improve your financial position, as you have more free time and already know this world and the rules of financial game.